July 8, 2015

24 New Nazca Geoglyphs Found

A Japanese team has found 24 new Nazca lines after investigating the northern slopes of the urban area of Nazca. Earlier in 2013, they had found 17 geoglyphs depicting llamas. They have discovered five new examples near the same area, and 19 more on the slopes of a nearby mountain. They date to 400-200 BCE. They are heavily eroded, but they used a 3-D scanner to find the pattern. The team has notified the Peruvian Culture Ministry to try and preserve other geoglyphs that may be in the same area threatened by building and farming.

The story is reported here in the Asahi Shinbum News;

And Archaeology News has a photo and a shorter report here;

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Andean News Magazine


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